Intergrams Archi



1. typeface project

These are a series of self-directed project on typefaces. Here are some of my prompts: 

✺ Can I design a typeface that can only be seen through a mircoscope.. a tiny speck that can be held by an ant

A typeface party.. people have their own designed typeface and come together on one day and figure out how to animate the typefaces in one "room" so they dance together


✺ A typeface that fits together and forms a blanket or a blind.. or a typeface that can only be seen when sunlight shines through the blind

✺ A typeface that can only be seen if put next to the stars at night

2. How can’s configuration lend itself to further explorations in its layout?

3. Collab Projects...

Scan explorations, multimedia/print/experimental, June 2020