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Copenhagen Jazz Festival

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typography, illustration

The Copenhagen Jazz Festival is held annually in the summer in Copenhagen, Denmark. The festival was established in 1979 and has been growing ever since. From families to avid jazz enthusiasts alike, the festival has been an opportunity for celebration and unity. The festival is spread out all over the city of Copenhagen and held at various venues ranging from small bars to the streets of Copenhagen.

The brief was to rebrand the annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival Idenitity to create something that is cohesive. The approach I took was a playful & tactile approach. The main logo serves as an opportunity for several graphic renditions across the entire identity. The lively and joyful atmosphere of Copenhagen during the festival were driving forces in the approach of rebranding.  

Before the rebrand

Previous branding of the Festival was overall inconsistent and somewhat confusing, for example the logo is seen nowhere on their poster. There was not any clear target audience for the festival and our client expressed the need to expand the branding to cater to a larger audience. 

Identifying core users

key words: playful, tactile, fluid

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